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Our Games

Our product provides advanced backend features commonly used by a variety of game configurations.

Slot Machines

Use mathematical approach instead of guessing your %RTP. Our system will provide you complete PAR-sheet based on millions of simulations that run in less than 30 seconds. Set your business goals by level or various gaming scenarios and our system will make all relevant calculations for you. Just make your Skin and don’t worry about Pay Table.

  • We support –
  • Any number of reels
  • ‘Close call’ mechanism
  • Ingame Reels configuration change based on gameplay
  • RTP Simulator
  • Server-side Machine setup and configure in minutes
  • PAR Sheets import mechanism
  • Server-side and client-side logic
  • Ready to use UNITY based platform. Just re-skin and launch
  • And more...


Easily configure, fun and fast-paced sports-betting games Large offering of popular sports and matches, providing an exciting experience identical in all aspects to actual betting with one difference, the currency is Virtual and not Real. Unique solution with innovative prematch / Live elements

  • Exciting features -
  • In-Game Betting - Bet In and Cash Out any time during the game
  • Bet on Real, Virtual and E-Gaming events
  • Track Personal Performance
  • Different Play Modes – Against the house / Virtual Games/ P2P
Video Game Team Features Video Game Team Features Video Game Team Features Video Game Team Features Video Game Team Features Video Game Team Features

Match 3

Client or Server side logic, screens generator. Comprehencive FTUE and addicting gameplay

As other genres developed by Blazesoft - Just Plug and Play

custom backend for gamescustom backend for games custom backend for games


Facebook and Guest login, FTUE, game econony, level management, integration to stores, tournaments, lobbies and matchmaking. All included with full backend integration

Statistics, Mass mailing, Push Notificaitons, Retention reports, Analytics and more are part of our server side package

custom backend for games custom backend for games