Players Management

Player 360 View

360 view of player behavior and activities. Smart aggregation of all user’s support cases, gaming activities and insights, scores and lifetime value history, promotions, payments, marketing activities. Read More

Promotions and Bonus Programs

Wide range of bonus types and promotion capabilities, including game credits, free spins, virtual goods. Welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, monthly bonuses and promotions, high roller and VIP programs Read More

Customer Service

Blazesoft players management platform includes end to end customer care solution based on multi channel case handling including: SLA management, entitlements, notifications and escalation mechanism, knowledge management. Read More


The Payment Processing Module includes out of the box integration with all leading payments providers. You can also connect to any custom payment gateway using our API services. Read More

Acquisition & Retention & Marketing

Using our Marketing Automation Module you can create and manage multi-step marketing programs for different players groups and segments. The module includes campaign management automation, marketing materials design and collaboration tools, market segmentation, mass email and sms service, social media marketing Read More

Reporting and Monitoring

Control and monitor your operation using build in report wizard, dashboard editor, data sharing capabilities, dashboard personalization, scheduled reports and automated notifications. Read More

Process Automation

Out of the box Workflow mechanism allows you to create, manage and monitor automated processes. Use standard pre-created player management workflows or define custom routines that match your business. Read More

Customization and Personalization

Full range of customization capabilities including player attributes, workflows, activity types.. You can customize everything using the build in customization engine. Read More


Custom Backend for Games


Maximize the value of your players using micro segmentation technics based on gamer’s behavioral predictions. Optimize marketing activities, increase player life time value.

Custom Backend for Games

Predictive Analytics

Our platform integrates the leading artificial intelligence suite Cortana that transforms your data to knowledge.

Custom Backend for Games


Our machine learning algorithms allow you to learn your players behavior and make predictions based on data analytics.

Custom Backend for Games

Big Data Analysis

Blazesoft platform provides a full suite for big data analytics including data loading, processing, analysis, querying and visualization

Compatibility & Integration

Blazesoft Gaming Platform is fully compatible with the all major development tools and technologies
in the gaming industry, stores and social networks. Simply plug, configure and play your game.

Games Environments
Html 5

Java Script
Apple Store
Google Play
Microsoft Store
Xbox Store

Samsung Store
Amazon Store


Blazesoft Cloud

Blazesoft cloud solution based on Microsoft Azure - an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Azure is the leading cloud platform across Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for Cloud Services. Enjoy 24/7 IaaS maintenance, monitoring and management provided by Blazesoft experts. Read More

Grow and Scale Up

Scale up as you grow using our fully scalable and elastic platform. Blazesoft provide you with excellent performance regardless the number of concurrent users or their activity level. We use dynamic resource allocation for all infrastructure components: CPU, memory, disk space, virtual machines. Grow up with us. Read More

Geo - Redundancy

Blazesoft cloud solutions run on a worldwide network of Microsoft-managed data centers across 30 regions and enables to maximize games performance in any region. Read More

Protect your Data

Azure is the first major cloud platform that adopts the new international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018 Read More

API and Extensions

Custom Backend for Games


You can rapidly integrate your game and custom solutions with Bazesoft platform using Blazesoft API and SDK. Our service based integration architecture allows you easily connect to Blazesoft platform using standard technologies and development kits.

Custom Backend for Games

Custom Server Side Functionality

Blazesoft SDK includes Plugin extension mechanism that allows you to extend server side functionality.

Custom Backend for Games

Access Your Data

Your data is your main asset. Consume your data using Blazesoft data access tool.