360’ on Player

360 view of player behavior and activities. Smart aggregation of all user’s’ support cases, gaming activities and insights, scores and lifetime value history, promotions, payments, and marketing activities.

Know everything you will ever need to know about a player. See all aggregated information regarding your player (customer)

  • Player’s login type - Guest | Email | Facebook | Twitter
  • Personal information
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Facebook Birthday
    • Mobile number
    • Facebook ID
    • Facebook picture
    • Country
    • Status – whale / dolphin / standard / inactive based on customizable algorithms

Player’s gaming details

  • Player’s games
  • Install date
  • Last Played date
  • Game XP (experience)
  • Game Level
  • Bankroll
  • Online – yes / no
  • Daily Bonus and Special bonus details
  • Referring friend
  • Training steps completion
  • More…

Marketing / Advertising details

  • Marketing permissions – send mail | push – yes / no
  • Google Analytics info (built-in integration).
  • Advertising IDs of iPhone / Google Phones
  • Push Notification via OneSignal platform (built-in integration)
  • Email Marketing via MailChimp (built-in integration)


  • Integration to Google Store | Apple Store and other significant stores
  • Products updates names / pricing via CRM and not hard-coded in the app

Lead Management / Case Management

  • Manage player’s requests, complaints, bugs in the same system
  • Manage leads – retargeting, retention and more
  • Focus on specific case or run custom aggregated reports based on any filter you can imagine

Various methods to see the “BIG PICTURE”

  • Search functionality – allows search of all records with a specific word. Wildcards are supported.
  • Advanced Search - Filter your data based on various system values and rules
  • Export your row or filtered data to external resources – excel / xml / Database